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Yrch!, 1st french annuary on Tolkien

Mae govannen! Suggest your website, it will be reviewed!

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Pagina del Smial de Dor-Lomin (Asturias)     

Website linked to Spanish Tolkien Society.

Catégories: Exchanging and real life Fan creations Essays and articles Languages Frequently Asked Questions Mailing list Forum Societies and associations Pictures Music and song Objects Links Chat
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Tolkiendil is a website created by the Association Tolkiendil, to promote Tolkien's work. This website contains a chat, a board, an encyclopedia, essays, poems, songs, games, a gallery, downloadable files (icons, wallpapers, etc.) on Tolkien's Universe. Discover the all world of the Middle-earth of The Lords of the Rings

Catégories: Tolkienology Exchanging and real life J.R.R. Tolkien and his work Fan creations Essays and articles Encyclopedia Languages Chronology Genealogy Frequently Asked Questions Forum Societies and associations Publications Biography Bibliography Excerpts Critics Translation Pictures Music and song Poems Objects Links Downloads Online buying Quizz Games Online games Humour Chat Fonts Summaries Influences Meeting Interviews
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Hiswelókë ("The Dragon of Mist") presents:
Several essays and articles about elvish linguistics, the geography of Middle-earth, comparative studies of mythology and archetypes in Tolkien's works, etc.
Book and press reviews.
The famous Sindarin Dictionary Project, a Sindarin/English on-line dictionary (search engine) with a PDF version for download, and also a Windows application (Dragon Flame)
Fanzines collecting several articles in booklets.
Short stories and fantasy tales or poems (fan-fiction).

Catégories: Essays and articles Languages Maps and geography Critics Short stories Links Fonts
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Les Chroniques de Chant-de-Fer     

This site is simply devoted to the secret Dwarves created by JRR Tolkien
It deals with both their social habits and their history, there you will find some information on their most secret gift : the Khuzdûl Language ...
A part of the Forum (here : http://chroniqueschantdefer.free.fr/forum/index.php?c=2) was made to discuss with both english and french speakers, this part is fluently verified and checked to offer you the most recent works of our fellowship.

Catégories: Essays and articles Encyclopedia Languages Forum Excerpts Translation Pictures Poems Influences
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Amanye Tenceli     

This page is dedicated to the beautiful writing systems that in Tolkien’s works derived from the continent of Aman.

Catégories: Languages Pictures Links Fonts
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