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A&D Homepage     
Lots of Tolkien's fanatics we are, because when reading its works we see the making of all our heroic fantasy, and we are submerged in its world to only remember scenes that lead us to a dream in life. Many try to experience in their own lives the matchless adventures of the universe created by that genius of the imagination playing roll. And of these, the majority obtains it and when doing this becomes an addict one of this game and special of the Middle Earth.

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Alley Cat Scratch - LOTR Costume     
Welcome to LOTR Costume. We hope you enjoy our research project on the Lord of the Rings costumes.

When we first saw Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, we were amazed by what we saw on the screen. He and his crew have created one of the most complete screen universes of all times recreating the story of a quest to destroy The One Ring.

We're here to study everything about the costumes from fabric to patterns to metalworking. We look at every thing from elvish costume to hobbit costumes. The LOTR costumes are just too fantastic not to research!

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Asociación Tolkien Argentina     
Argentinian Tolkien association website.

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Die Gefährten – Der Tolkien Webring     
Welcome on the Tolkien Webring – Die Gefährten. This website presents a series of pages dedicated to John Ronald Reuel Tolkien's work and everything that is related to it.

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The Bulgarian site about Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings.

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Finduilas's J.R.R. Tolkien PAge     
This site has information and essays on Tolkien's books, most events, characters and places in Middle-Earth.

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Gandalf and the Ring     

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Gondorian homepage     
A website devoted to Gondor : history, geography, rulers, etc.

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Il Fosso di Helm - Sito italiano su Il Signore degli Anelli e sugli altri libri di J.R.R. Tolkien     
Welcome to Helm's Deep, in this website, you'll find informations about the Lord of the Rings, about The Hobbit, and about the Silmarillion, with maps, essays and a Middle-Earth names' dictionnary with 1200 entries

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J. R. R. Tolkien Collector's Guide - Everything Tolkien and More     
The goal of this website is to grow over time into a useful, dynamic community of J. R. R. Tolkien collecting resources. Books by and about Tolkien, calendars from all over the world, toys and other merchandise from the movies (Ralph Bakshi, Rankin and Bass, Peter Jackson...), and other collectibles from the mundane to the eclectic.

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J.R.R. Tolkien Teacher Resource File     
Welcome to the Internet School Library Media Center J.R.R. Tolkien page.

Catégories: Links
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JRR Tolkien fanlisting at TFL Network     
The only fanlisting listed at TFL Network for JRR Tolkien.

Catégories: Mailing list Bibliography Links
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Catégories: Chronology Biography Bibliography Links Official artist website
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La voce di Edoras     
The voice of Edoras is a monthly ezine delivered in pdf format. Besides the essential deepening articles and news regarding Tolkien's work, the site gives you information about fantasy, MMORPG and NetGaming.

Catégories: Essays and articles Publications Links Role-Playing Games
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One Ring to rule them all     
One Ring to rule them all - a fansite of Tolkien & the LOTR films - Ver. Rivendell

Catégories: Movie Links
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Ostatni Przyjazny Dom     

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Reise nach Mittelerde     

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Sociedad Tolkien Peruana     
Receive a very warm welcome at the official page of Sociedad Tolkien Peruana (STP), representative of the Tolkien Society in Peru. In these pages you will find information on the STP, its objectives, activities and profits, as well as a collection of data or connections to important data on J. R. R. Tolkien, its connected work, and subjects.

Catégories: Languages Mailing list Forum Societies and associations Biography Bibliography Movie Links Humour
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This is where I vent my obsession for The Lord of the Rings Movies and specifically Èowyn and Rohan. If your into toy collecting head on over to my Collection, under "Site". Looking for Sound track clips or Lyrics? Check out "Song". I've started getting my feet wet with Desktops also you may find the in the Media section,Avatars and Banners are my next project. Would you like to exchange Links? Tag Me!

My little place isn't perfect but perfect for me. I'm still learning so please excuse any train wrecks you may run across on this site (let me know also please!) I hope you enjoy you visit here

Catégories: Chronology Pictures Links Humour
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Suomen Tolkien-seura ry     
Are you familiar with the works of J.R.R.Tolkien? Has the Lord of the Rings got you under its spell? Would you like to share you're thoughts with likeminded people? The Finnish Tolkien Society is an organisation for the friends of Tolkien's works, and other fantasy literature as well, all over Finland. Our members include all kinds of fans. Some know the entire work of Tolkien almost by heart, while others are just generally interested in fantasy. Meetings gather all these people under the same roof to discuss and to have fun. Our magazines bring our members news from Finland and all over the world, as well as articles, book reviews and short stories.

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The Black Gate     
Lugbúrz -- the Dark Tower, where the Mouth of Sauron and the Witchking of
Angmar enforce the Dark Lord's will.

Catégories: Essays and articles Forum Links
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The Czech Tolkien WWW Page Door     
A Czech Tolkien Society.

Catégories: Mailing list Societies and associations Links
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The Downfall of the Lord of the Rings and the Return of the King     
A website with some infos about Tolkien's world.

Catégories: Maps and geography Chronology Links
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The Golden Wood     
Welcome to the Golden Wood. This site is dedicated primarily to desktop wallpapers and winamp skins, featuring characters and places from Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, as visualised in Peter Jackson's movie trilogy. This is a collection of designs I have created over the past couple of years, and though some of the earlier ones seem rather dated to me now, I have decided to keep most of them (for the time being!) Please read the terms of use below the navigation to the left. Feel free to browse around and enjoy! My non-LotR wallpaper and graphics can be found at Mirrored Dreams.

If you have questions or feedback, please email me (see address below right), tag me, or sign my Guestbook! Also check out the faq page, or the download instructions page.

Catégories: Links Downloads
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The Ring Codex     
Tolkien / Lord of the Rings Directory and Search Engine

Welcome to the directory and search engine of Tolkien and Lord of the Rings links on the Web. This is a searchable guide and index to sites relating to J. R. R. Tolkien, Middle Earth, both The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the movies, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion and other books.

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