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Catégories: Tolkienology Services and informations Playing and having fun Encyclopedia Languages Maps and geography Forum Biography Bibliography Critics Translation Pictures Short stories Links Downloads Chat Summaries
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Au Fief de Baramir     
Dedicated to gaming in Tolkien s Middle-Earth : 12 unpublished MERP modules, home-made cards for playing with MECCG:TW, aids for the GM, and one on-line Role Playing Game. Have Fun !

Catégories: Playing and having fun Role-Playing Games Games Online games Collectible Card Games
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Abiator's The Hobbit     
Well, this site was originally made for the kids in my class (I taught 8 - 10-year olds at the time) since I was reading them The Hobbit in class (no, not the entire thing, the abridged BBC radio version instead. Yeah, I went through an old copy of the book and highlighted all the parts to read!).
After the kids had done so much work and continued to do so and show such enthusiasm for the story, I got even more enthused myself and a few dozen webpages grew to several dozen, and, well, just kept on growing - to more than 700 webpages for just this part of my teaching website.

Thousands of people have now accessed these pages which has surprised me and given the kids whose work is scattered throughout these pages a big kick.

Catégories: Fan creations Playing and having fun Pictures Objects Quizz Games Summaries
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La forge de Celebrimbor     

Catégories: Playing and having fun Games
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Le Peigneur des Agneaux     
Peigneur des Agneaux is a saga mp3, parodies of the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of Rings, and Peter Jackson's film adaptation. This saga MP3 is no inspired by the book Peigneur des Agneaux, a parody of the trilogy of Tolkien too.

Catégories: J.R.R. Tolkien and his work Fan creations Playing and having fun Downloads Humour
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