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Aragorn Kingdom


Aragorn Kingdom
Adresse internethttp://tar-estel.isithrade.co.uk
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WebmasterYrch! Staff
DescriptionThis site is dedicated to Tolkien masterpiece "The Lord Of Rings". I have many sites on this stuff online about Hobbits, Elfs, Dwarrows and even Orcs. But not very much about Men. They are my favorite race and that is the reason I created this site. Here you can find intersting information about heros in the movie and some which are missing in it. Here you can also find also photos, some of legends and songs in Middle-earth and some Elfish. Hope you have fun! Before leaving please leave commernt in guestbook on the navigation bar or your pin in tag-board. I will respond as Estel! Thank you! :)
Catégorie(s)Forum  Biography  Movie  Quizz  Humour  

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