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Suomen Tolkien-seura ry


Suomen Tolkien-seura ry
Adresse internethttp://www.suomentolkienseura.fi
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WebmasterYrch! Staff
DescriptionAre you familiar with the works of J.R.R.Tolkien? Has the Lord of the Rings got you under its spell? Would you like to share you're thoughts with likeminded people? The Finnish Tolkien Society is an organisation for the friends of Tolkien's works, and other fantasy literature as well, all over Finland. Our members include all kinds of fans. Some know the entire work of Tolkien almost by heart, while others are just generally interested in fantasy. Meetings gather all these people under the same roof to discuss and to have fun. Our magazines bring our members news from Finland and all over the world, as well as articles, book reviews and short stories.
Catégorie(s)Societies and associations  Publications  Biography  Bibliography  Links  

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